Frequently Asked Questions

Get to Know the Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Better

What kind of dog is the Bernese Mountain Dog?

He/She is a family dog who likes to be part of your life. He/She wants to be with you all the time and dislikes to be left out.


How is a Bernese Mountain Dog with other animals, i.e. cats and dogs?

He/She loves everybody who belongs to the family. If it is a cat or another dog, he/she wants to be friends with them. A Berner is not a fighter at all and does not understand when another dog comes across as aggressive.


Do Berners need a lot of exercise?

The dog likes to exercise, but not too intense or for long periods of time, therefore seen as quite a lazy dog. He/She likes to sleep a lot. Especially puppies should rest a lot. It is a large breed and the bones need time to develop. Don’t walk your dog at a young age too much. A Bernese Mountain Dog is fully grown at the age of 3 only.


Can I do obedience training with a Bernese Mountain Dog?

A Berner is a very clever dog and easy to train but requires a lot of patience from your side. Don’t give in, otherwise, you will not succeed.


Do we need a big garden?

No not really. It is nice if they can roam around, but they prefer to be close to you. Von Proteaville has a big garden, but they always lay where the owners are.


Do they lose hair?

Yes, they do. The breed standard says “a long-haired dog”, and long hair only looks nice if regularly groomed. You need a good vacuum cleaner. They need regular grooming. And they love it!


What do I feed my dog?

They need high-quality food for a large breed. This is very important in the growth phase. They are fast growing and need essential nutrients to support this. They also need access to fresh water at all times. Do not feed your dog any leftovers from the kitchen!


Is This the Right Breed for us?

It is worthwhile asking friends or people who own a Bernese Mountain Dog, and browsing the web for related articles (or read a book about this specific breed). Obviously, every dog has its own personality, but the main thing is they need you and your attention. It is not a dog who can be left alone the whole time. He/She wants to be part of your life!

It is important that the “Berner” learns to know other puppies and friendly people at a young age already. This can be easily achieved by going to a puppy socialisation class with him/her. They will love it and you will receive a lot of attention because it is the cutest puppy you have ever seen.

Therefore, your new puppy needs:

  1. Attention and lots of love
  2. Correct and responsible feeding throughout its life
  3. A safe place to sleep
  4. Socialisation and training from an early age
  5. A good vet who cares and helps you to keep your “Berner” healthy


Do you still think this is the right dog for you?

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