How We Work

A guide to our code of conduct

Von Proteaville is a well-known and respected breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs and adheres to a Code of Conduct of honesty, transparency and high standards required for the breeding process, as well as the care of the dogs and puppies.

Our process of booking a puppy, payments and receiving a puppy are set out as below.

  1. If you are interested in getting a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy from us, you should register your interest by contacting us via the website. answering a set of questions from us to ascertain that you have enough information to make an informed decision, and also gauge if you will be a fitting owner to one of our puppies.
  2. To show your interest in the breed we request that you come and meet us at our Location in Cape Town, in order for you to see the adult dogs in person and also to further establish if you are making the correct choice to become an owner of the wonderful breed. People we have met in person will be preferred to become an owner of one of our puppies.
  3. Once the above has been successfully completed, you will be put on a waiting list. We already have a waiting list – so patience is key.
  4. No upfront payments or “favours” will be tolerated or extended – we strictly work on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means that the individuals who are on the top of the waiting list will be allowed to purchase the available puppies at that specific time first.
  5. When the puppies are available, only then will we enter into a payment agreement, and all other arrangements for delivery to and where needed. The greatest care will be taken to get your puppy to you safely, with the least amount of impact and stress.
  6. Payments will be done into a verified South African bank account, and all costs incurred will be declared with proper reason and grounds (e.g. container, shipping, permits etc if and when applicable)
  7. We are available to be contacted at any time for enquiries and questions.

Important: We do not sell our puppies on any other online platform (Gumtree, OLX etc) – please be aware of this, as this will be fraudulent.

We also encourage you to read through our Terms and Conditions. We take the greatest care to ensure all our conduct adheres to the greatest standard, and expect all parties interested to exercise logic and caution with all online transactions. That is why we prefer to deal with all potential buyers on a first person basis, to establish a mutual basis of trust.